Tuesday, September 20, 2011

TT HongLi - Sinanju

Since having itchy hand while waiting for "Jesta", plan to do this in a slow process. Yes, it's TT HongLi and why i bought the fake kit instant of the Original from Bandai? Because of the price differences and i'm using this as for my 3rd Customize kit which combine with my previous Bandai Sinanju and the rest of the parts will goes with TT Unicorn.. Lots of Idea in my crazy brain. :)

Bandai 1/100 Sinanju Ver.Ka & SD Sinanju is staring at TT HongLi Sinanju.
Thanks for viewing :)


  1. nize one I wish I could buy one ^^ but it's very expensive in my country the Philippines it would take like 3 months saving my allowance :,(

    1. Divisoria Sir ... 168 mall ^_^ 1.4k most of TT hongli and Daban MG's pede pa tawaran :D sa 4rth floor po and meron din sa 1st floor try mo nlng pong mag libot.