Model Comprehend (MC)

About Them:


Animation Toy Co., Ltd. Shantou Muzi.
Located in the famous hometown of the "China town "------ plastic toys in Shantou, Haibo animation by the Hong Kong Investment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, the company engaged in the toy model of design, is amodel-driven robot , cartoon model series matching, design, development, production, sales of the model company.
Company founder and artistic qualities from childhood have receivedtraining, have good art skills and aesthetic ability, by virtue of many years athome and abroad to engage in play, film and comics industry, personalexperience and long-term market research, and the love of the industry with passion, style and quality of product for the first goal, from the perspective ofa senior player in product development. The company's first producttrademark "Soul Shingo mode" is to remind the company, the model of theheart to the soul of sentiment, strive to make our products a perfect show.
In model-making equipment and production processes continue toincrease investment, using the most advanced computer engravingtechnology, combined with the latest model of professional design software, combined with advanced production technology, process materials, and with a unique personality prototype division and style, the real, three-dimensionalre-emerged in the role of the machine itself is a magnificent momentum and steel style. Throughout the company's unconventional ideas and will.
Culture in creating animation model at the same time, the companyadhere to the corporate culture to enhance the core competitiveness ofenterprises in the development and establish a good social image. "Line is far from near, the pursuit of endless." "Muzi" will continue to forge ahead and persistent, as achievements of a new career, modeling for the foundryindustry in China monument dedicated light and heat.

Super Deformer Comprehend (No Limitation Scale)

宇宙星神 Cosmic Star God

High Grade Comprehend (1/144 Scale)

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