Friday, September 23, 2011

TT HongLi - Sinanju Pt.4

Question. Why i directly apply the color without removing the parts from the runner. cause i'm going to try the other way round and feel how was the work process does it's easy or hard to do so. 
And here below the photo as u can see the color is in Orange! yup it's Orange.... cause i didn't even apply any primer on the surface and the original color of the kit is Red.. and the color that i use is "Anchor Chrome Yellow".. so enjoy the photo..
1st Layer w/o Primer or anything (Out from the plastic bag straight apply the color)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

TT HongLi - Sinanju Pt.3

Today post is about the inner frame of sinanju which i see below is just 1 layer of Anchor "Sparkling Sliver" spray apply.

TT HongLi - Sinanju Pt.2

Here I've completely done the Inner Frame of Sinanju (TT HongLi), the reason i bought this bootleg is, i need some of the parts for my early Bandai Sinanju. Ok enjoy the photo :p although its not something special right now.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

TT HongLi - Sinanju

Since having itchy hand while waiting for "Jesta", plan to do this in a slow process. Yes, it's TT HongLi and why i bought the fake kit instant of the Original from Bandai? Because of the price differences and i'm using this as for my 3rd Customize kit which combine with my previous Bandai Sinanju and the rest of the parts will goes with TT Unicorn.. Lots of Idea in my crazy brain. :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sound Activated GN Drive !!!

Today, I receive my order from HobbyMate, and this is what i've completely done on my GNX-603T. 
1x Sound Activated Kit with 2x Micro Leds (RED) for lighted up front & rear (Both Side) of GN Drive. I did share a short video clip below. Enjoy it.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sangokuden - Hong Lian Zhuang Cao Cao

Today, i'm gonna share this "Sangokuden" from Bandai, and this is my 1st Sangokuden's Kit name "Hong Lian Zhuang Cao Cao" and the horse name "Jue Ying". I bought this at our local store "Toys'R'Us" around B$34.90.

This kit came with a short storyline and behind its the instruction of assembly. 

shortcut~straight to my work done in just a few hours :)

the weapon need to apply paint and the awesome is the effect of the weapon.

Thanks for viewing :)