Friday, August 12, 2011

New Project!!! - WING Gundam + Flexible WING

New Project on the way to come next, MG 1/100 Wing Gundam Zero Mobile Suit XXXG-00W0
This is just a simple project that i decide to add-on only the FLEXIBLE WING only.

MC 1/144 Hi-V Gundoom

Limited Stock arrive today, Selling for BND$68 Each. (5 Boxes Available only for Brunei) Here are some photo preview posted.

This 模魂真悟 Model Comprehend HG 1/144 Hi-V RX-93-2 Gundoom is a customize mobile suit kit from china but it's runner and parts are totally outclass from those TT Hong Li or GaoGao. What i can say is... No Regret to owe this MC kits as it is an limited product produce by "模魂真悟" (Mo Hun Zhen Wu)

Project Complete

Finally, Project is done.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Work In Process - Preview

Today, i actually planing to carry on my project but than it's so suddenly i feel lazy to start on. So i decide to do some photo shoots as for preview.