Monday, February 6, 2012

MG 1/35 PATLABOR Shinohara AV-98 INGRAM 3

Today, i have complete done this MG 1/35 PATLABOR Shinohara AV-98 INGRAM 3. Nothing much i done with this but i love the way he is as well :)
MG 1/35 PATLABOR Shinohara AV-98 INGRAM 3

The Cockpit

High Compare with MG Sinanju

Before coating

Flat/Matt Coating on White Armor & Inner Frame after apply Dry Transfer Decal.

After Flat/Matt & Gloss Coating.

Gloss Coating on Black Armor which is after a layer of Metallic Black then added MGM Electroplating Powder after Gloss Coating

That's all, Thanks for viewing.

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  1. Nice model of the Ingram-3, I'm in the process of building the same plus the Ingram-1 "Alphonse" which I just got this afternoon from a local hobby shop. I will be surely going back there to get the Griffon Aqua-Type. It's great to see your images and looking forward to more Patlabor models. I just love them all, but too bad I lost most of my Patlabor models during the flood that hit Manila last 2009 and it's the reason why I'm starting a re-build and kit hunting. Have a great day ahead and God bless!!! Shangri-la