Saturday, July 23, 2011

Work In Process - Step 3.3 + Preview Photos

Being busy time for college and lots of assignment... but i still enjoying having school time. Ok! After done the twin launcher backpack and it's time to put it on for swing/rotate test.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Gunpla TV - Episode 45 - Facebook Gundam Giveaway!!!

The prize that will be given to three luck winners and can also be purchased from :

Sound nice when i get to know this contest from Facebook group "Brunei's Gunpla Groups".

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Work In Process - Step 3.2

Thing getting hard and harder for customize now.. and my brain juices is linking ~ lol.

OK now,.. here are some photo;

Monday, July 18, 2011

Work In Process - Step 3.1

Just can't be patient and relax while idea is popping out.
Step 3.1: Getting an idea in a flash of time and rush on it while out of the imagination in my mind.

Work In Process - Step 2

Step 2: The "HOOK" of the Launcher, there are 2 set of hook for launcher. One for the right launcher and one for left launcher. (left a little putty & painting)

Time to continue working on it....

My Competition Model kit "BREAK" into pieces after out from Category B and now it's time for me to continue this project to the end of my idea. BTW, it's great to share around your skills, as I'm still a newbies :p

And here i start,....

Step 1: The Launcher. This is the 1st step I have to modify. As you can see the difference of it. (left putty apply & painting)

EA CON - The 1st Ever Gunpla Competition in Brunei

July 16/17, 2011 - EA Con Event
Congratulation to the winner as below;
  • Category A - Ak Muhd Najib (Satellite Cannon Sure Hit)
  • Category B - Jun Austria (Double "0" Raiser)
  • Category C - Bryan Ling (The Blue Cyclops)